Set Sensitivity and Learn to Shoot Straight

The first aspect of gun skill is sensitivity which I’m sure you guys already know about. So once you’re comfortable with your sensitivity then you can start working on how to actually shoot straight. There are a handful of different aspects that come to this.

The first and most important aspect of shooting is centering. Basically that means centering your screen in a spot where the enemy is going to be. And when you realize how much it has to do with how well you aim.

Learn Your Recoil Pattern

Step two of course is getting to know your guns your recoil patterns. Every gun has a very unique and specific recoil pattern that you can learn and get used to so maybe just shoot at a wall or shoot somewhere and get a feel for it.

Just take a kind of shoot and watch its recoil, kind of ingrain that into your brain. So then you can tell your thumb how to counter that recoil pattern on your analog sticks that’s pretty obvious. But that definitely is a factor in how you aim.

Learn Your Gun Movement While Shooting

The third step is to learn movement while you’re shooting the gun. You have to be very aware of how you’re moving in game and utilize strafing, utilize movement, utilize sliding to your advantage to be as accurate and kill as fast as possible.

And so all of these things combined it’s very important of course you know intentionally practice these things.

Learn Centering

Centering is something that takes a lot of time to get used to because a lot of people maybe just kind of like lackluster kind of just point to where they think people might be; their screens just kind of pointed near a window or near a corner.

You need to be very precise with how you’re pre-aiming those things and doing that and that is all very important to shooting straight and winning more gunfights.

Consider Boosting

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Practice Shooting Offline

When it comes like directly how to practice there’s a lot of different ways you can do it like a bass bot lobby like normal throw in those bots shoots them up; practice your centering; practice your gun control; practice your recoil control and go from there.

Of course you can also play inside pubs and use a different variety of guns to improve your aim specifically.

Play without Aim Assist

Sometimes I think in a bot lobby you can turn off aim assist and play without aim assist to give you a really good feel how well you center and how well you control recoil on your own.

I don’t recommend doing that all the time but once in a while it’s kind of like interesting to switch it up and make practice a little bit more interesting.

Play without Sound

Similarly I think you should also shoot bots without sound sometimes and sometimes with sound to kind of give you a feel for how much sound matters for your gun skill for your snappiness and how much that affects where you’re aiming and how you’re aiming.

Rose Quinn