There are a large number of people who enjoy playing roulette on The reason for its popularity is the simple dynamics of the game. There are only three bets that you can make when you play on CSGOEmpire. There is the ‘Terrorist’ or T, ‘Counter Terrorist’ or CT and the ‘Empire’. There are 15 slots in total on which you can bet. There are 7 slots for the ‘Terrorist’ and 7 slots for the ‘Counter Terrorist’. The last slot is for the ‘Empire’. While you can double your money by betting on the Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist slots, you have a 14 to 1 chance when you place your bet on the Empire. This means if you place 1 coin on the Empire and win, you will get 14 coins.

Check if a game is rigged or not

Not everyone knows this but roulette was the first game on CSGOEmpire when it was first launched in 2016. Over the year the developers have added the coin flip and another match-betting. The coin flip is exactly what it sounds like. Here you place your wagers on the coin toss. Many people are concerned whether a game site has been rigged or not. You can rest assured that this one is not because they use propriety software and is also protected by the provably fair. This is a system where the results are pre-generated and given to the player but they can only view it after the results get declared. This is why you can be assured that the results are not rigged.

Different payment methods

The main payment currency in the CSGOEmpire is Skin. It may not be clear to you as a beginner but skins are an important currency in the online Steam world. You will get skins for DOTA 2, CSGO and even Rust. Cryptocurrencies are an alternate way of making deposits. You can use Bitcoins to make a deposit and win some coins. Then use the coins to play different games. You can also get promotional codes from YouTube and then use that code to get free cases as well as coins. The payments are also made through skins. The website has recently implemented P2P withdrawals which have made the payment process much faster. Earlier there were some delays in processing payments.  It has now been cleared and payments, as well as withdrawals, are very quick.

If you like to win new skins for your favourite online game or want to make some money by selling rare skins, you should check out You will also be able to get the adrenaline rush of online betting and interact with people that have similar interests as you. Many people are afraid of betting at illegal websites. However, this one is a legitimate website and one of the very few that has survived over the years. There is also a 24/7 support that will help you if you face any issues.

Rose Quinn